Hot Sonny Fourth

Hot Sonny Fourth is an 15-year-old Quarter Horse gelding donated by Cindy Allen of Santa Ynez. He’s from Colorado, loves his herd here, and has settled in nicely to our Central Coast lifestyle! Sonny and his pasture-mate Razzy love basking in the sun and eating dinner side-by-sde!

Chief Four Socks

Chief Four Socks is a 17-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. He has been with us for 7 years. The clown of our herd, Chief, always puts a smile on the riders’ faces! And a few of the volunteers, too! Chief came to us from Los Osos Valley Equine (LOVE Farm) and has charmed us all! Originally from Texas, this sweet boy fits right in in Atascadero!

Loving, trained professionals.

Gentle Ben

Ben is a great addition to the PET program! He is a 7-year-old Norwegian Fjord, originally from Montana! He is energetic and loving, and really enjoys his job helping riders! He has certainly grown to love the California sun!


Bella is the newest addition to the PET program! She is the smallest, but mightiest, of our PET horses, and loves helping our littlest riders! She is a little shy, but very loving. She loves being curry-combed and getting treats! She is generously loaned to us for use by Cindy Nacey, and Rancho Del Rio.

Fancy Pants Etenna - In Memorium

Etenna, a 28-year-old Norwegian Fjord mare, was the foundation of the PET Program for almost her entire life. She was an absolute dream of a horse, and was loved by many years of happy students, volunteers, and friends. She loved to nap during lessons, saving energy for her pursuit of grass and carrots! We are forever greatful to this outstanding, hardworking, loving mare, for the time and work she put in to make the lives of countless children better!